About Us

Our hard-working family at CS Metal Art is nestled on the lush outskirts of the small town Menominee, MI in the Upper Peninsula. Our self-built office and workshop home-base houses our local post frame building business, est. 1984 cspostframe.com, and our self-storage unit rental branch as well. Just as much as we love serving you and our community, we love spending quality time with our amazing family. Ken and I (Sue) enjoy working side by side in our family business and being married for nearly 30 years. Our daughter Amanda is married to her wonderful husband Jake and they have two lively daughters and one son. Our son Andy has a beautiful spirited daughter and heads up the building construction crew. Since Andy has been able to take on an active role in the construction, Ken has been able to take a step back from the construction and focus on his true love, metal.

Since childhood Ken enjoyed many hours in his grandfather Andrew’s workshop, experimenting with farm machinery and exploring what metal could do. Ken’s passion for working with metal only has grown stronger over the years while honing his skills, expanding his knowledge and fabricating needed parts and metal projects that could not be found elsewhere for our business and for other people’s needs.

The world of raw materials may seem dull in their simplest form, but to our family at CS Metal Art it is an exciting opportunity turning something like a sheet of bare metal into art which encompasses beauty, durability and functionality. We create our own designs but can also work with you to make your metal art dreams a reality.

We work on a special computer program allowing us to custom make designs and also import pre-designed work. Our plasma Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine then translates the design on the screen into cut lines on the sheet of metal, welcoming the design into reality. Then, depending on the design, the piece can be bent, welded, and assembled. The piece is then put in an acid bath or sand-blasted clean preparing the surface to apply the finish color. On our art pieces the dry color finishing process of powder coating sprays electrostatically charged, finely ground colored particles onto electrically grounded metal pieces so the color adheres to the bare metal surface. The final step of curing the color coating with heat produces a uniform, durable, high quality finish that is both UV and weather resistant.

Each item is closely inspected through each step of the process ensuring the highest quality piece of metal art you will love having and we are proud putting our name on.

We love our earth and most of the unused bits of metal and other miscellaneous materials are recycled; even our powder coating finish overspray is collected and reused whenever possible, minimizing waste. The powder coating process is environmentally friendly because the powder coating contains no solvents that emit harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us and our line of products that we offer.
Ken & Sue Mortinson